fol.97v, M.S. Bodl.264, Bodleian Library

Their Excellencies of Angels are pleased to invite you to join them for the Virtual 50-and-counting Anniversary of the Barony on Saturday, September 18, starting at 1pm PST. We bid you to look back on your journey through the SCA, and celebrate with us all that we are still accomplishing as we play this great game.


A number of competitions will be held to determine the best examples of practiced and perfected skills in a variety of areas:

Before and After:    Artisans! Have you ever made a project starting with raw materials? Please share your adventure and learning process, along with progress pictures or examples. The project deemed to show the greatest transformation from the raw material to the finished (or mostly finished) item will win the day.

Then and Now:    Fighters! Rapiers! Archers! Youth! Share pictures of your starting kit, and your current kit. Please detail what materials and inspirations helped you improve your armor and/or weapons. The kit deemed to have evolved the most will win the day.

There and Back Again:    Did you join the SCA because you love a specific era or culture? Please share a short story (500 words or less) about your research journey or journeys on one specific theme, whether involving a flying machine, ship or carriage, or ethereal library pages. The story with the most unique research approaches or findings will win the day.

Hestor’s (Virtual) Spoon:   Up for a challenge? One secret ingredient will be named on the day of the event which you must include as the main ingredient in any style of documentable period (pre 17th ce) dish, prepared that same day. Supporting components of any dish may be made in advance, including spice mixes, stock, pickles, ferments, etc. Please share pictures and a brief description of your recipe process, redaction, or other source used. The dish which pleases Their Excellencies by best showcasing the secret ingredient will win the day.

Limericks from Scratch:   Bring your best anachronistic rhyming game to compose a limerick featuring the theme to be announced the day of the event. Limericks submitted for Their Excellencies should be of the rhyming form AABBA, be PG-13 rated in language and content, and the sillier the better! Any participant may submit up to 3 limericks.

Winners of the Day will be announced at Closing Court, starting at 4:30pm, or Their Excellencies’ Pleasure. Winners may be invited to share their stories or submissions during court, as time permits.


Do you want to polish an old skill or learn a new one? Are you interested in feedback or advice on a current project? Ask-an-Expert and Guildhall-style mini-workshops will be offered in short sessions, featuring major A&S tracks (think Collegium tracks) thopics, plus Combat-interests and SCA-interests.

Please see the Angels website for information on submitting your queries before the day of the event.

Great Hall:

The main Zoom room will remain open during the event for socializing and may even welcome impromptu bardic. Message the meeting host if you wish to share, in order to be spotlighted for performances. Please be respectful with topics of discussion and choices of musical content shared.

How to Participate:

We will be hosting our event via Zoom, with breakout rooms for each activity. Links will be posted one week prior to the event.

Stay tuned to the official virtual event posting on the Barony of Angels Webpage ( and Facebook page for any updates or changes. Please contact Their Excellencies or with any questions or issues.