Johannes and Sofia FAQ

Johannes de Manco

Personal Preferences

Colors: Black, white, deep red, gold.

Persona: 15th ce. Northern Italy, Milan, Renaissance Condottieri.

Items/Activities: Heavy combat, outdoor activities and games

Food likes: trail mix, granola, nuts, fresh and dried fruits, cheese, cured and dried meats, dark chocolate, Mesopotamian liquid bread, coffee, mineral water.

Dislikes: none. He is easy to please

Allergies: none.


Personal Preferences

Colors: Jewel tones, deep red, blue, green, gold

Persona: 15th ce. Burgundian, Lyon, Lady of Letters

Items/Activities: period games, culinary arts, gardening, period music, scribal arts, textiles

Food likes: fresh and dried fruits, cheese, yogurt, dark chocolate, matcha, mineral water, unsweetened iced tea

Flowers: roses, gardenia, lavender, violets, orchids

Dislikes: pineapple, banana, raw veggies including onion, pepper, garlic (well cooked is ok), fried foods

Allergies: none.

Eli the Quiet (Sophia’s son)

Personal preferences

Colors: Red, gold, black, rainbow colors, neon colors

Persona: Early English

Items/Activities: Nintendo characters, music, walking, napping

Food likes: Lays or Ruffles regular plain potato chips, fresh berries or grapes, Sprite, Mug Rootbeer

Dislikes: alarms and loud noises, birds

Allergies: Gluten, dairy, soy, yeast extract (this is strict, please ask if any questions)”


Johannes and Sophia request that any largess gifted be donated as small sets of tokens, favors, or other appropriate largess items as the givers are inspired, since we are just starting to put together our closet of supplies needed for our tenure. Camp-related supplies and “feed” for our baronial “horses” would also be greatly appreciated.