Baronial Awards – Baronial Recognition of Excellence

Established in 2003 by Baron Robert John of Cedar Wood and Baroness Therese of the White Griffin to recognize those who have made unique contributions to the Barony.

01/18/03: The Good Ship Indigo Rose
05/10/03: College of the Voyagers
12/17/05: Chateau Flammel
12/17/05: The Good Ship White Star
07/15/06: Alliance of Households
09/30/06: Inn of the Crimson Spade
09/30/06: Griffin Freehold
05/03/08: The Templars
05/03/08: The House of the White Aurochs
09/12/09: Two Hearts Entwined Pottery (Master Hroar svithandi and Mistress Huette Aliza von und zu �hrens und Mechthildberg)
12/18/10: House da Barbiano (THL Tomaso da Barbiano and THL Catharine Hawkwod da Barbiano)
09/13/14: THL Fu Ching Lan
10/10/16: Bjoys of Blackrune