Champions of Angels

We would like to give recognition to the following individuals as the Champions of Angels

Armored Combat: Sir Tryggr járngeirr Ingvarsson

Unarmored Combat: Michael Mor Roy

Rapier Combat: Don Konrad Faust Tyndel

Thrown Weapons: Eiríkr Inn Hárgrái

Archery: Miguel de Granada

Equestrian: Dame Arabella da Siena

Youth Combat: Alizabeth Massey (Age 6 and below) , Legend (Age 7-9) , Nicholas Stagghorn (Age 10-12) , Eagle Geirson (Age 13-15)

Arts & Sciences Champion: THL Astrid skalphæna

Games Champion: Lyall of Alnywyck

Seraph Bard: Baroness Catharine Hawkwood da Barbiana

In addition, we recognize the winners of some annual Angels competitions:

People’s Choice A&S: Einar Hrafnsson

Hester Spoon (Cooking):
SCA-Period Dish: Lady Zosime Pompeiana

Post-Period Dish: Mealia Caimbeul