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Blazon: The Baronial device is emblazoned Gules, a standing seraph affronty proper, winged Or, haloed of a laurel wreath proper.

Baronial Colors: Gules (red) and Or (gold).

The Barony of Angels has a long and memorable history within the SCA. Angels is proud to be the "A" in Caid, and as such was one of four original baronies of Caid, along with Calafia, Isles, and Dreiburgen, from which the Kingdom name was derived. Established on September 6, 1970, it initially encompassed the greater Los Angeles Basin (including the South Bay and Long Beach), Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara, and San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Over the years, the Barony gave birth to the Baronies of Lyondemere, Dun Or, Gyldenholt and Altavia. The current territory includes the original lands minus those areas formed out of the original holding.

Past Cantons of the Barony

  • Canton of Eastern Gate - Established in 1973 (included northern Orange County) and later disbanded some time after April 1974.
  • Canton of Fáilte - The name means "Welcome" in Irish Gaelic. Established in June 1972 in Orange County, it disbanded in April 1976.
  • Canton of Gorgonoth - now the Barony of Dreiburgen
  • Canton of Graywinds – The name was registered in August 1979 (named for the color of the smoggy air of Los Angeles). Comprised of the Central Los Angeles area including Hollywood and the Cahuenga Pass, this canton has since been disbanded.
  • Canton of Gyldenholt - now the Barony of Gyldenholt
  • Canton of Lyonesse - now the Barony of Lyondemere.
  • Canton of Naess - The name harkens back to Loch Ness. Established in February 1972, it was disbanded prior to July 1974. It has the distinction of being the first Canton in the SCA.
  • Canton of Novamarc (Claremont Colleges) - Their name was a combination of "Nova" for "new" and "marc" for "border." They were established in July 1974 and later disbanded.
  • Canton of Sarnwold/New Albion – now the Barony of Altavia.
  • Canton of Trockensee - The name meant "dry sea" in German. It was established before 1977 at Edwards Air Force Base in the high desert but has since disbanded.

Canton of the Canyons  included the San Gabriel Valley east to the border with the Shired of Heatherwyne.
Founded: March 1975. The name refers to the proliferation of canyons in the area, especially the San Gabriel Valley. The founding seneschal was Lord Alejandro de Salamanca.
Blazon: Gules, within a laurel wreath proper three chevronelles braced, in honor point an estoile of eight points Or.
Status: The Canton is currently in abeyance.
Seneschal: Contact the for information.

College of the Voyagers  (Caltech) derives its name from the Voyager space probe. It includes Pasadena and Glendale.
Founded: As the House of the Voyagers at Caltech, it hosted its first major event, a May Day Tourney, on campus in May 1986. They gained full status as the College of the Voyagers (aka Caltech Medieval/Renaissance Society) in February 1989 with Lord Balin of Canterbury as the Seneschal. Voyagers has hosted several Coronations, an Arts Pentathlon, a Festival of the Rose and the 2002 Sciences Day.
Blazon: Argent, a longship azure within a laurel wreath vert, in chief a comet fesswise azure.
Status: The Canton is currently dormant.
Seneschal: Contact the for information.

College of San Ambrogio  (UCLA) encopasses the area between Altavia and Lyondemere west to the Pacific Ocean. IIt is named for the saint whose church in Milan was the model for UCLA's most famous building, Royce Hall.
Founded: April 1987 and the founding seneschal was Lord Gideon ben Levi.
Blazon: Sable, three candles in fess argent, flamed proper, within a laurel wreath Or.
Status: The Canton is currently dormant.
Seneschal: Contact the for information.

College of South Crosswaies  (University of Southern California) Los Angeles and University Park.
Status: The Canton is currently in abeyance.
Seneschal: Contact the for information.

The Baronage of the Angels

  • Pwyll pen Tyrhon and Rhiannon of the Mystic Isles (June 1970- May 1971; Jan. 1972 – June 1972)
  • Sárkányi Gero (Vicar, May 1971 – Jan 1972, while Baron Pwyll was out of the Kingdom; member of the Regents Council June 1972 – Jan. 1973; Baron, Jan. 1973- May 1974)
  • Piers Howells de Cambria and Ximena Aubel de Cambria (May 1974 – Jan. 1978)
  • Frederick of Woodlyn and Lyndia of Woodlyn (Jan. 1978 - Nov. 1978)
  • Damon of the Lake that Flames and Mistral de l'Isle sur Tarn (May 1979 - Nov. 1982)
  • Taliesin d'Acre and Kerridwen de Merioneth (November 1982 - June 1985)
  • Morgan of Marionwood (March 1987 - Dec. 1987) and Alinor Bellissima Montgomery (March 1987 - June 1993)
  • Padraic Fraochdha Idheach and Morgana Elisabetta Rosatti (June 1993 – Sept. 1997)
  • Robert John of Cedar Wood and Therese of the White Griffin (Sept. 1997 - Sept. 2003)
  • Jason Thomas the Wanderer and Morgaine FitzStephen (Sept. 2003 - Sept. 2008)
  • John ap Griffin and Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (Sept. 2008 - January 14, 2012)
  • Peter Cadarn and Gabrielle Nicole Devereaux nicChlurain (January 14, 2012 - Present)


Recommendations for Baronial awards should be sent to .

Anyone may write a recommendation for any fellow Caidan for any Kingdom award. To recommend Kingdom level awards, visit for information about writing recommendation letters to Their Majesties. Please copy to when you send a letter about a member of Angels, so that they can add their tuppence.


Over the years, the Barony of the Angels has hosted many Kingdom including 12th Nights, Coronations, Crown Tournaments, various Queens Champion Tournaments, sessions of the Collegium Caidis and the Make-a-Wish Tournament, in addition to its regular events, which include:

  • Angels Melee Tourney usually occurs in January, traditionally a warm-up for the Estrella War.

  • Robin Hood Archery Tourney is held in early spring, this archery, rapier and thrown weapons event celebrates the Robin Hood legend.

  • Voyagers May Day is an annual celebration of May Day, hosted by the College of the Voyagers (Caltech).

  • Angels Anniversary is usually held in September to celebrate the Barony's founding. Various baronial champions (Armored Combat, Rapier, and the Arts & Sciences.) Traditionally, officers and court positions are passed to the new holders.

  • Yule Celebration is the Barony's traditional winter holiday celebration, held in December. The Seraph Bard is determined at this event.

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