Baronial Awards – Order of the Seraph

Established in 2003 by Baron Jason Thomas the Wanderer and Baroness Morgaine FitzStephen to recognize excellence in the martial arts.
Blazon: Gules, a seraph’s head Or faced proper.

09/07/02: Luke of Caerleon (Armored Combat)
01/18/03: Lot Ramirez (Rapier)
09/06/03: Allan Bluehood of Wood’s End (Archery)
09/06/03: Michael Gulliver Blackrune (Armored Combat)
09/06/03: Santiago of the Angels (Archery)
04/30/05: Basil Emerson of Canterbury (Rapier)
04/30/05: Brendan McSorley (Armored Combat)
04/30/05: Colwyn Stagghorn (Rapier)
04/30/05: Dhugal MacBrewer (Armored Combat)
04/30/05: Gunther Blackrune MacBrewer (Armored Combat)
04/30/05: Mordechai ben Avraham (Rapier)
04/30/05: Rodak (Armored Combat)
05/19/05: Harada Tatsuoki Dokusatsu (Armored Combat)
09/10/05: Bjartmarr of Angels (Armored Combat)
09/10/05: Cedric Cyles Madoc (Armored Combat)
09/10/05: Einar aus Enwelt (Armored Combat)
09/10/05: Fabian Ricardo Cordon (Armored Combat)
09/10/05: Killian MacTaggart (Armored Combat)
09/10/05: Mourin Muir (Armored Combat)
09/10/05: Ochs of Angels (Armored Combat)
07/01/06: Bjorn Zenthffeer (Armored Combat)
07/01/06: Edana an Dara Rowan (Armored Combat)
09/30/06: Antoinette Rosaura de La Villaverde (Archery)
09/30/06: Rotheric Kynith (Archery)
09/30/06: AEoelwig AEoelfwigson (Archery)
12/09/06: Tomaso da Barbiano (Armored Combat)
01/19/08: Wolferam Zenthffeer (Rapier)
09/13/08: Amalgaid mac Donnucain (Archery)
09/13/08: Dalphina Delacroix (Archery)
09/13/08: Owain ap Gwyllim Pengryth (Armored Combat)
09/13/08: Peter Cadarn (Armored Combat)
09/12/09: Faelan MacCearbhaill (Rapier)
09/10/11: Rois ni Brian (Armored Combat)
09/08/12: Lorenzo diVita (Rapier)
09/10/16: Cassian Blackrune (Armored Combat)
09/10/16: William Ulfsson (Armored Combat)
09/10/16: Garrick Thomas Attwell (Rapier)


If you know of anyone who received this award but is not listed please contact the webwrite to have the info added