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Angels Melee Tourney
Saturday, January 12, 2013

Their Excellencies Peter and Gabrielle, Baron and Baroness of the Angels, wish to extend the following thank-yous for Angels Melee:

In spite of the very, very cold weather (33 degrees at 7:30 a.m. and 37 degrees at 4:30 p.m.), it was a beautiful day for Angels' Melee 2013 - bright, blue sky, lots of sunshine and no rain! We had a wonderful day and would like to take this time to say "Thank You" to everyone who was a part of yesterday's planning and festivities:

*Their Majesties for joining us at the event and for Their thoughtful presentation
*Don Laertes MacBride for the beautiful flowers
*Lord Ioan Breaksword for his work as event steward and Marshal, and for the eric set-up
*Lord Gerrit d'Orleans for a very smooth set-up and tear down, and for marshaling
*Lady Ysenda MacLaren of Perthshire for her service as Baronial Seneschal and as Chatalaine
*THL Selwynn Beltran, Lady Kathryn du Griffin, Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani, Lord Caspian Blackrune, and THL Kiena le Blue for their assistance with our three new members who are visually-impaired (THL Kiena even provided a bench for them to sit on, and both THL Kiena and Lord Caspian allowed them to touch and feel armor!)
*THL Fu Ching Lan for her unending patience as our Chief Lady in Waiting - there is so much she does behind the scenes that allows us to enjoy beautiful pagentry and have fun
*Lady Angharat Goch verch Gwenhover, the new Seraph Bard, for her beautiful song at opening court
*Lady Amanda Januaria for running Lists
*Lady Dalphina Delacroix for her care and feeding of the Rafflemeister
*Master Timotheus Zacharia and his helpers for running gate
*Corinna de la Mare, Anthony of Angels, Lady Molly Gill Brae and everyone else who helped with set-up and tear down - you are all awesome!
*Meistr John ap Griffin and Mistress Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter for heralding
*Maestra Flavia for her Chatelaine assistance
*Baroness Morgaine FitzStephen for her work as Merchant Steward
*Lady Arianna Foxford for her work with A&S
*Mistress Aliskye Rosel for her scribal work and for running the Illuminated Letter contest
*THL Owain ap Gwylim Pengryth and Cassandra of Yggdrasil House for help throughout the day and with tear down
*Magister Riordan Robert MacGregor and Baniarla Ciar Lasse MacGregor for all their hard work on the Melee raffle
*Lord Lorenzo da Vita, Lady Roisin ni Brian, Don Lot Ramirez, Don Laertes MacBride and the many rapier fighters and marshals who looked like they were having way too much fun - and the "flying animals" scenario was awesome to watch! Thank you so much for coming to play!
*Baron Bryce ap Morgan, Baron Connor, Duke Deitrich von Vogelsang, Lord Gerrit, Duchess Mora de Buchanan and all the armored fighters who came out to fight and marshal - it was wonderful to see so many fighters enjoying the day!
*Baroness Morgaine & Baron Jason, and Master Timotheus & Dame Lynnette for the loan of the clothing racks
*THL Paganus Grimlove for his able assistance
*Anekastrasya Bai for her help throughout the day
*Lord Dhubhghall mac Aodha and THL Balthazar van der Brugghe for their help during the Raffle
*Lady Maud du Welle and Lady Elena Jardiniz for their assistance
*To all the combat archers - thank you especially for your patience with the new netting - it was a "beta test" design and we hope to have it much improved by Medieval Marketplace so that we can have combat archery at that event
*Dame Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornio and Mistress Therese of the Whyte Griffin for offering a Fiber Playday
*Lady Kathryn du Griffin for handing out cards to the cars coming onto the site so that we did not exceed the number of vehicles that were allowed on the site.

If we have missed anyone who contributed to the day's events, please know that it is not intentional and we are truly sorry. There are so many people who work hard to make an event happen that sometimes our old memory just doesn't remember everyone.

And, congratulations to LADY Maisha of Angels on receiving her AoA - it is well deserved.

We hope everyone enjoyed the day in spite of the cold temperature and we look forward to seeing one and all again over the next few months.

Yours in Service,

Peter and Gabrielle

Updated 01/13/13

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